R&B Superstar Deborah Cox Talks The Bodyguard the Musical and Why She Needs to Play Tina Turner on Broadway!

I must confess, I’m a sucker for a good love story; and that’s why The Bodyguard is in my top 10 list of movies to eat popcorn, drink wine and cry to. It’s a mystery, action and romance movie wrapped up with the incredible voice of Whitney Houston, and the sexiness that is Kevin Costner – the Bodyguard has it all!

The blockbuster movie has been adopted to the stage, it’s all the Hollywood drama mixed with the magic of Broadway; and I’m here for it ALL!

The production made a stop in Pittsburgh, where I got a chance to talk to R&B superstar Deborah Cox and actor Judson Mills who play the leads in the North American tour. Make sure you check it out when it comes to your city.

Check out our interview below

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