Wendy How YOU Doing? – Talk Show Host Faints on Live TV

So, I’m watching the Wendy Williams show today, the Halloween show – BTW, Wendy looked amazing!  She was dressed as the Statue of Liberty, and she was stunning,

Coming back from a commercial break, as she was about to announce the winners of the audience Halloween costume contest, Wendy looked a little sheepish, her eyes were a little glassy and she slurred her words, and then she passed out!  The screen went black and the network went to a commercial break.  When the show came back, Wendy told the audience that she got overheated in her costume, and fainted!

Hmmm.  I don’t know how heavy the outfit was, the beautiful green sequins gown, was low cut and had a high split over a pair of skinny sequins pants.  Wendy is looking extremely thin these days, could her passing out be related to her recent weight loss?  Let’s hope that it’s not and that Wendy feels better soon!  How You Doing?

Watch what happened below


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