Get “Undressed” – Exhibition Unveils the History of Fashion in Underwear

Have you ever wondered about the history of underwear?  I mean we all (well most of us) wear some type of undergarments with our clothing.  I can remember my grandmother buying me my first panty girdle; I was in the 5th grade!  From your first bra, to your first pair of Spanx – underwear plays a major part in fashion.

This fall, the Frick Pittsburgh is uncovering the fascinating history of underwear design from the 18th-century to the present in its newest exhibition – Undressed: A History of Fashion in Underwear.  The Frick Pittsburgh is the exclusive North American venue for this exhibition organized by London’s famed Victoria and Albert Museum.

Last week, I got a sneak peek of the amazing collection that features over 200 items.  Make sure you check it out!  It’s on display until January 7th 2018.

Click on a photo in the galley below!

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