3 Style and Beauty Trends to Try This Week

Style and beauty trends come and go, but some trends are classic and never really go out of style; these trends recycle and get updated from decade to decade – that’s why the stone wash denim I wore in 8th grade is back in style again!

Check out these timeless trends that you can try this week.

Prints, Prints and More Prints!

Floral, polka dot, camo, animal print and strips are timeless trends that just about everyone can wear.

Bold Lips!

Whether is matte, or glossy – a bold lip never goes out of style.  Try this season’s must-wear chocolate and wine colors.

Chandelier and Tassel Earrings

I purchased my first pair of chandelier earrings my freshman year at Howard University (btw, I still have them) and since then, chandelier earrings have stayed on trend.  A new twist on the classic silhouette is the tassel earring.

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