Vacation Time! Top Travel Accessories for Summer Travel

I love to travel!  By plane, train or automobile; I’m always ready for an adventure.  Going on vacation is essential for relaxation, but let’s face it; getting ready to travel can be anything but relaxing, and that’s why I compiled this list of must-have travel accessories for summer vacation.

Rolling Luggage – It’s 2017 and lugging around heavy akward luggage is so 1950’s.

Travel Organizers – Using travel organizers can make packing so much easier.  You can even use them to pack your carry-on or purse.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds – Crying babies, noisy passenger, or maybe you just want to listen to music or your favorite podcast without any distractions.  Noise cancelling earbuds are a must.

Travel Sweater – Sometimes, you feel hot but most of the time you feel cold!  Find a light-weight, easy to carry travel sweater.  We love Secret Sweater.

Multi-functional Universal USB Charger – Okay, you need to stay connected, and you need to be able to plug in anywhere, anytime.

Click on a photo to check out the gallery below


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