Style, Fashion & Beauty Trends For 2017!

It’s 2017!  The year of STYLE!  To kick things off, CitySTYLE has compiled our list of what to watch for 2017; the best in beauty, style and fashion for the new year!


Designer Phone Cases – The phone case is the new “it bag”.  We’re seeing high end designers like Louis Vuitton and GUCCI on this trend

80’s Inspired Fashion – 2016 was all about the 1990’s.  2017 is all about shoulder pads and power suits! 


Fashion Shades (All year round) – 2017 is all about expressing yourself through accessories; and what better way to express yourself than sunglasses?  We love FFNV



Colored Hair – Bold and bright hair colors aren’t going anywhere in 2017!


Braids – You can’t go wrong with a hairstyle that you’ve been rocking your entire life! lol


Embellished Nails – We love pretty nails, and the latest embellished trend is just getting started for 2017. We love this look from NY nail tech Cariesha Brown


Futuristic Beauty/Mermaid Eyes – The new trend for 2017 is the Mermaid Eye, it’s the opposite of the smokey eye.  We love this look from Glam Dolls.


Matte Lips – There’s nothing better than a bold matte lip!  We love this matte liquid lipstick by Nikki’s Magic Wand

Carpe Vinum Liquid Lipstick Matte from Nikki's Magic Wand
Carpe Vinum Liquid Lipstick Matte from Nikki’s Magic Wand


Don’t go on a vacation, go on an ADVENTURE! – 2017 is all about living the most fabulous life ever!  Experience life at your best!




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