Weekly Inspiration from The Greatest – Serena Williams

070916-sports-serena-williams-wimbledonOkay, so I don’t play tennis – but I like to watch it.  The time when I did play tennis, I didn’t get many points, but I looked super cute in my DKNY tennis skirt and matching razor-back tank top!  

Even if you don’t follow tennis, there are lessons to learn form Serena Williams aka – the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time)!  Over the weekend, Serena won  her 22nd women’s tennis Grand Slam title – tying Steffi Graf.  Even with the tie, Serena has us screaming Yaass!

Be Inspired this Week!  You Got This!

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Congrats 2 Serena Williams! #goat 🎾🏆

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