Best Sexy One Piece Swimsuits and Why I’m Scared to Wear One!

It’s that time of year again when CitySTYLE releases our must-have swimsuits for summer!

So in 2016, it’s all about the sexy one piece swimsuit. Okay, great! Normally, that’s where the post would end! Pictures, links, leave a comment. But today I want to talk about why I am scared out of my mind to purchase what I think is the must-have, most sexy swimsuit of my dreams! When I say, I love this swimsuit, I’m not exaggerating!

I really love this!

But I digress….. I went online to purchase this black one-piece GabiFresh swimsuit, but my size was not available, and according to the GabiFresh’s Facebook page, you should order a size or two up.

Anyway, I was bummed that they didn’t have my size, so I took to Google to see if I could find something similar to it, and that’s when the FEAR kicked in. I suddenly realized that I may not have what it takes to rock this swimsuit! There’s a certain level of confidence that you need to wear a swimsuit like this. It’s like every swimsuit model on the googler has this immense sense of self-esteem, confidence, pride and all-around kick ass attitude!

Well, maybe I shouldn’t buy it, I thought. I’m getting ready for a trip to Jamaica, I actually swim, so I need a sexy and functional swimsuit! Maybe, I could wear one of the suits from last year.  I told myself, “I’ll be in Jamaica; it doesn’t matter what I wear because I’m on vacation”, #relaxationmode and plus Jamaican dudes love me! The last time I was there, I took my weave out half way through my trip. I didn’t have any of my usual hair products, but I went swimming anyway. I got out of the water looking like Florida Evans and every man I encountered gave me compliments like I was Beyoncé! I was like “Do all ya’ll want a green card or something”?

Anyway, I had to deeply reflect on why I didn’t feel confident in my own skin. Here’s what I came up with — I workout but my stomach muscles aren’t on fleek. Even with my favorite bra, my boobs could use a little help, and even though I do 100 squats a day, I’m no Serena Williams! — There! My excuses why I could not look beautiful in what I considered the most beautiful swimsuit ever.

It took me a day or too, but I finally worked up the nerve to go and order the swimsuit! (But they still didn’t have my size!) Anyway, I checked out the rest of the Swim Suits For All website. I like the site because, real women post photos of themselves in the swim wear so you can see how it looks on “non-models”, and after browsing the galley, something wonderful happen; I realized that no one is perfect! Gasp, not even the most famous and beautiful of us all. Maybe it was the super fly Ebony Magazine cover celebrating curvy women, or maybe it was my realization that no matter how much I work out, my tummy, boobs and even backside – are awesome reminders that my body housed a baby for 9 months, my body fed that baby for 13 months, and let’s face it, I’ve never had a dunk!

So yes, as soon as my size is restocked I will order my swimsuit and of course I’ll post some pictures! The bottom line is…..Be confident, Be sexy and Be-You-tiful!

Now check out CitySTYLE’s Best Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits gallery, and tell us; which is your favorite?


One thought on “Best Sexy One Piece Swimsuits and Why I’m Scared to Wear One!

  1. My fave is the 1st one because of the rouged sides and I think the double strap is supportive and sexy: -) Down side is it’s $170 bucks Doesn’t work for me because when on vacation I like to have a different suit each day. Also I like to reup each year or two so I really will not get my $$ worth

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