CitySTYLE Exclusive: Tameka Raymond Talks Beauty and Style!

Celebrity wardrobe stylist and business maven Tameka Raymond, is speaking out about how she manages to look great and keep it together! Earlier this year Tameka launched her popular and successful Style Theory tour, where Tameka teams up with top style and beauty insiders, to help women focus on inner- and outer-beauty.

Recently, Tameka spoke to CitySTYLE founder Allegra, about why it’s important to look and feel good and how to be fabulous on a budget! Here’s a little bit of their conversation.

I think right now is a great time for fashion. So how can we all look great and fabulous and not spend a lot of money?

Tameka Raymond: Nowadays with all the knock off brands, and you know, I’m not against them. But with the knock off brands and the Instagram catalogs, there’s really so many clothes available to us, we don’t have an excuse to look bad.

People may know you for your famous marriage, but I know that you are a celebrity stylist. You could be styling anyone, but why is it important for you to bring your Style Theory concept to woman across the country?

Tameka Raymond: I feel there is a direct correlation to how you look, and to how you feel. I believe you have only 30 seconds to make a first impression when you walk into a room. So with Style Theory, we’re teaching how to put yourself together; from a makeup standpoint, hair styling and then I show you how to put your look together on any budget.

I think that’s really important to look good on a budget. You always look so well put together and fabulous, but you have a glam squad!

Tameka Raymond: You know, I really don’t have a glam squad. You would be really surprised about how much I put myself together. Now, when I’m doing an event, I will hire a makeup artist, but a lot of times, I do my makeup myself. I will do things myself, I’m not as high maintenance as I seem.

So how do you do it? You are a business woman, and a busy mom; how are you able to wear so many hats and look so fabulous?

Tameka Raymond: I juggle a lot. My kids leave the house early in the morning to go to school because we have a bit of a commute. But in terms of putting myself together, I’m very detailed orientated, so I pay attention. I have a makeup kit, and I learned from one of my classes, what needed to be in it, and that’s how I learned to apply my own basic makeup.

I think it’s important to always show your best face. Even if you’re running to the grocery store, it’s important to still look good. Like you said, when you look good, you feel good.

Tameka Raymond: Right, and you never know who you might run into in the grocery store, it might be your next opportunity or your husband!

Let’s talk a little bit about your new book, “White Bras & 101 Other Style Faux Pas,” it’s your first book and I think the concept is genius! So what is the book about?

Tameka Raymond: It’s all about style faux pas, common mistakes that we’ve all seen people make. I’m just the one with the biggest mouth, that will call people out on it! We cover everything from proper etiquette on an airplane, mom jeans, wearing your shoes too small, I talk about drawing your eyebrows on and they look like punctuation marks. The book is really funny, there are numerous style tips.


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