CitySTYLE’s LOTD – Layering!

layeringOn these cold winter days, it’s all about layering!  Not only does layering keep you warm but it also allows you to wear some of your spring and summer wardrobe in the winter!  Layering can be fun and allow you to flex your creative fashion muscles! 

Sometimes layering can be a bit intimidating but not to worry, just follow some simple rules and you’ll be layering like a fashion pro in no time.

1. Don’t Be Scared!  Yes, we know layering can be tricking but don’t be afraid to experiment with different lengths, textures and patterns.  Have fun and wear what makes you feel fabulous!

2. Don’t Be Bulky!  Layering works best with less bulky and heavy fabric.  Think; the thinner and more airy the fabric, the more layers you can add!

3. Do Add A Belt!  Adding a belt can pull a layering look together.  Play with different widths and belt patterns.

4. Do Simplicity!  Sometimes simple works best when layering, a great dress, a fabulous sweater and a fly belt is layering too.

Check out our gallery for some layering inspiration!  Click on the photos below

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